You need a copy of the deed of sale to ensure that the seller is actually the owner of the property. They should also receive copies of stamp duty and other documents related to the house. Also get property tax documents to verify that the property does not have unpaid taxes. It is best to take the help of your legal counsel if you decide to buy a mortgaged property. What are the advantages of buying such a property? First, mortgaged property that is for sale is generally not very old. Most of the time, these characteristics are less than 10 years old. The owner reportedly decided to sell it because of the rapid valuation of the capital. The second point is that mortgaged goods are sold with a discount to new ones. That`s because they`ve been busy for a while and maybe they`re wearing out a little bit. So if you buy a mortgage-backed property, you`ll be willing to occupy the property at a lower cost. An owner can sell his mortgaged property on the basis of the reciprocal agreement with the buyer and enter into a sales contract.

The seller must submit a letter from his bank indicating the amount owed for the declassification of his real estate documents. The buyer must then ensure that the corresponding amount is deposited into the seller`s credit account until a specified date. This date is set between the seller and his bank. Finally, the home loan is paid, the bank releases the real estate documents and the seller can transfer the property to the buyer. If the buyer`s and seller`s banks are the same, they can save a lot of time. Mortgage real estate has no relevance for a sale. All you need to do is make sure that the mortgage or pledge right is released properly before the sale. The way to find a buyer is either advt online or newspaper, or through brokers or other known references.

Sir Rat me when drawing up the sales contract How the seller has the property in the bank for 13 lake now the rate between buyer and seller has been concluded. the buyer pays a small sum of 5 lakes as advance and he said he will pay the balance on 3 months ago of the agreement, now the seller wants a point in copy agreement as the buyer will settle the due to the bank for the mortgage property or he will repay the amount of the credit to the seller for the release of the document by the bank before the registration of sales , I need the right sentence or words to write in sales agreements. Letter from the bank: The seller must receive a letter from the bank in which his property is mortgaged, the bank stating that it agrees to abandon the original real estate documents after the full payment and the last of the current home loan has been made. There is no doubt that the paperwork will be on the upper side when it comes to a mortgage real estate purchase. But it also has its own advantages: when a person decides to sell their mortgaged property, they should make sure that they have all the important documents – sales certificate and residential company certificate, etc. (depending on the type of property). A confirmation of sale is required to confirm the ownership and the owner`s power to sell the property. However, if the property was already owned, it is the buyer`s responsibility to require a copy of the previous deeds. In addition to the deed of sale, the buyer should also request copies of stamp duty and other registered property documents. Of course, if the property for sale is mortgaged, its documents are held as collateral by the bank.