I am a British citizen and passed my driving test here in the UK in 1987. I moved to Ireland in 2011 and changed my licence to an Irish one because my wallet was stolen and my British licence was there. I then called the DVLA to ask for a replacement, but they said they would not because I no longer live in the UK. I remarried in 2015, had to change my name, went back to the UK and needed a change of address. I have my old paper license with my old name on it. Can you tell me what to do next? Reading the notes above, it seems that I have to repeat my test, will that be the case? The identity cards of British nationals were introduced on a voluntary basis in 2009 and the attempt to set up a national identity card system in 2010 was cancelled in the middle of the year. The current database was shut down and then destroyed. [30] In 2009, only workers in certain high-security occupations, such as airport employees, had to have an identity card, and this is still the case today. Therefore, driver`s licenses, in particular the photo card driver`s licence, introduced in 1998, are, along with passports, the most used identity documents in the UK.

Most people do not carry their passports; Thus, the driver`s licence remains the only valid form of identity card to be presented. In everyday life, there is no legal obligation to make identification during the journey or in any other way, and most authorities do not arbitrarily request the identification of individuals. hello Bethanien I would like to ask a few questions Before I have a Spanish license, I exchanged it in the uk license, but I regret, that because I have my country again and I exchanged my uk license on the Spanish license, but my all uk license information and license number on the site, it shows « You have full driver`s license » as happened Now I had 2 driver`s licenses had on systems that I did not understand to this situation I only want 1 had Spanish driver`s license, as I have to revoke the license from South Africa to the UK, as I have been in the country now 15 months. As I can`t get a D1 form online (Gov.uk), the rules have changed during coVID, so you can continue driving after 12 months, until you can order forms online at the DVLA? As far as I know, you can still exchange your driver`s licence as long as you can submit an initial letter of authorization/driver to the appropriate receiving authority. You must also indicate on the application form that you have lost your license. If you can`t do that, you should apply for a new license. If you would like more information, I advise you to contact the DVLA directly here. Can you confirm that I need to include 2 original forms of identification in the envelope? This is to add my biometric residence permit and my supporting documents: letter with the national insurance number.