I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this is not something we can help directly. It is best to try to contact the DVLA in general, as opposed to the person mentioned in your letter. The relevant contact details of the DVLA can be found here. To begin with, before we can get into the gist of what the driver`s license exchange process entails, we must first check whether you are actually eligible to exchange your foreign driver`s license. Your eligibility depends on your answer to this question: Are you based in the UK? Depending on GOV.UK, you are a resident if you have a fixed address in the UK where you have lived for at least 185 days. If you are a resident, you can continue with our guide and see how you would exchange your driver`s license below. The app asks in which country your driver`s license was issued and where you passed your exam. If you have not passed in any of the countries mentioned above, you will need to take a driving test.

You can drive with your driver`s license for 12 months before you need to be exchanged. Moving to the UK and changing your driving licence is relatively easy for citizens of most countries. You should be able to drive across the country with minimal effort. I have a driver`s license in the United Arab Emirates. Possible for the exchange of British driving license?. If you`re based in Northern Ireland, you`re in luck – the rules couldn`t be easier to exchange your driving licence for a UK driving licence. As long as your driver`s licence was issued on or after January 1, 1976, you can exchange it. And the best part? You don`t have to pay a penny for it! Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, you are currently unable to order application kits or online forms from the DVLA. This means that you will have to wait for the services to run again to replace your license.

HI I hold a Polish driving licence wants an exchange for Northern Ireland Is there any fee? How much and how do I have to pay if I send by mail (everything else closed during Covid)? and what documents do I need to attach to my dl1 application? I am in the UK/NI 20 years Hello, I have been living in the UK for 3 years now. I am thinking of exchanging my driving licence for a British licence. My current driver`s license is Greek, I know I don`t have to and I can legally drive here with my current driver`s license as I already do. However, my driving license will be issued on 01.02.1996, if I change it, the date of issue will be lost and I will appear as a new driver as this could affect my insurance policy. Thank you in advance. Honestly, Petros Unfortunately, we have no idea about the wait times for the DVLA license exchange process. It seems that many drivers have waited weeks, if not months, for their new UK driving licence. You can try contacting the DVLA online here, or ask them directly on Twitter. Unfortunately, we have no idea when the D1 forms will be available again. Therefore, you cannot exchange your South African license until the apps are back up and running. The best thing to do is to check the DVLA website for updates or changes. South African driving licences can only be exchanged if they are in the new credit card format.

You should be able to exchange your existing European license for a UK license, even if it has expired. You will have to pay the £43 exchange fee and send your old license in the mail. Hello. Could you please tell me – I just sent my European driving licence and ID card to exchange my driving licence in the UK. DVLA works now? Because the post office couldn`t tell me if the DVLA services are working now or not. And if they don`t work, when do they start? Thank you in advance. This category also includes four-wheeled light motor vehicles with an unladen mass not exceeding 350 kg (excluding batteries in the case of an electric vehicle) and having a maximum design speed exceeding 15.5 mph (25 km/h) but not exceeding 28 mph (45 km/h). I am moving to the UK in September of this year on a Tier2 visa and have an Austrian driving licence. Do I have to exchange my license for a UK license? And what documents do I need to exchange? Thank you Deepa Hi I like to ask if someone can give me q valid number I can call for chek what goes with my license that I sent there are 3 frames to change it from the EU to the UK and I just have this number 0300 790 6810 on hexadecimal no one picks up and I don`t know what`s going on now, I bought a car and I needed my old or new doesn`t matter. Hello, I have an EU car driving license, and now I receive a provisional motorcycle license (learner). Before obtaining the provisional motorcycle driving license Mandatory Basic Training (TCC), I have the D91 form. Can I use Form D91 to convert my EU driving licence to a UK driving licence? Or do I still have to send my driver`s licence with form D1? Identity cards for UK nationals were introduced on a voluntary basis in 2009, and the attempt to introduce a national identity card system in 2010 was reversed in the middle of the course.

The current database was shut down and then destroyed. [30] In 2009, only workers in certain high-security occupations, such as airport workers, were required to have an identity card, which is still the case today. Therefore, driving licences, in particular the Photocard driving licence introduced in 1998, as well as passports, are the most commonly used identification documents in the UK. Most people do not have their passports with them; this leaves the driver`s license as the only valid piece of identification that must be presented. In everyday life, there is no legal obligation to carry identification while driving or otherwise, and most authorities do not arbitrarily require the identification of individuals. If you`re not entirely sure about driving on the roads in the UK, there`s a simple and surefire way to boost your confidence: a quick refresher course. As the name suggests, these courses are for people who only need about a few hours to smooth out their bad habits and get acquainted with the most advanced aspects of driving. PassMeFast offers three refresher courses to choose from – 5 hours, 10 hours or 15 hours – depending on how much advice you need with an experienced ADI. To register, call us on 0333 123 4949 or book online. To exchange your license, you must have a permanent address in the UK and have lived in the country for at least 185 days in the last year. Since you have passed your driving test in New Zealand, you will need to prove that you have passed a manual driving test if you want to drive a manual vehicle. If you contact the New Zealand Transport Agency, they should be able to provide you with the evidence you need to proceed with the exchange.

Hello, my husband (essential worker) and I applied on 7.5.2020 and I can see that the DVLA has received both applications. But that`s where it stops. I called 03001232408, but I just received an answering machine. I can`t track it online as I haven`t kept our driver`s license numbers – I know a bit silly.. .