The objective of the author of writing an ex parte request for an extension with a view to submitting a compromise agreement is to convince the Tribunal to grant an extension (more time needed). An ex parte application means that the lawyer pleads on behalf of a party or an external party. In contrast, a compromise agreement is an out-of-court agreement in which two or more parties agree on terms acceptable to both of them. This then reduces the case of litigation or judicial intervention. Be sure to check the national and local court rules for any particular steps you need to take in your case. TIP: If you are not a lawyer, it will be very difficult for you to make or defend an application for summary judgment. Try to get help from an experienced lawyer. Your hearing: Schedule: After having a hearing date, you should try to agree on a date by which you can both leave before you can set a deadline to hear the application with the law and the applicant. If the court is correct, you will have the hearing if you have agreed. In general, if you have an application with formal notification, the judge will read the papers on each page one to two days before the hearing. In this way, he or she will already be aware of the request.

Be prepared to: (1) Tell the court that you can make the request to the court without seeing the judge in person, or (2) Tell the judge your page. If the judge has any questions, answer politely. Note: The judge will be polite to you. He or she expects you to be polite. Always do business in the courtroom. .