Letter of support from the Association for a Comprehensive Trade Agreement between the United States and Japan, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, September 11, 2019, www.uschamber.com/letters-congress/association-letter-of-support-comprehensive-us-japan-trade-agreement; James Politi, « The United States and Japan Sign a Partial Trade Agreement, » Financial Times, September 25, 2019. The insurance contracts between the United States and Japan in 1994 and 1996 proved to be very successful bilateral agreements. Many benefits, including greater flexibility in pricing, have already been achieved through these agreements and the inclusion of the WTO Services Agreement in 1997. On September 19, 2013, Caroline Kennedy sat before the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate and answered questions from Republican and Democratic senators regarding her appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Japan. Kennedy, appointed in early 2013 by President Obama, said her focus would be on military relations, trade and student exchanges if confirmed for the position. [110] The American annexation of Hawaii in 1898 was partly driven by fears that Japan would otherwise dominate the Republic of Hawaii. [23] Similarly, Japan was the alternative to the American acquisition of the Philippines in 1900. [24] These events were part of the U.S. goal of moving to a world naval power, but it had to find a way to avoid a military confrontation in the Pacific with Japan.

One of Theodore Roosevelt`s top priorities during and after his presidency was the maintenance of friendly relations with Japan. [25] Japan, an ally of the U.S. treaty, strongly opposes the idea that its exports threaten the national security of the United States. Several members of Congress, especially those with Japanese auto production facilities in their districts, have expressed concerns about the government`s determination, and the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee supports laws to give Congress a greater role in the Section 232.3 process U.S. automakers, which depend on global auto supply chains, have also resisted government determination, but the United States.