COMMUNITY DEVELOPER (Temporary – up to 12 Months)Community and Recreation ServicesHalifax Regional Municipality invites applications for the community developer`s temporary position with community and recreation services. The community promoter, who reports to the team leader, volunteering and capacity building, is responsible for supporting HRM`s community and volunteer sectors. They are also responsible for engaging, mobilizing, organizing and building strong communities. Community developers conduct processes to stimulate local action on a participatory and sustainable basis and to support sectors working to improve social conditions, security, planning, transportation, environment, quality of life and economic development. Community developers design and provide complex facilitation and management training processes to help communities develop local visions and skills needed to resolve and manage local change. Community developers are experts in supporting community sectors that form as collectives around common personal interests and help promote the measures needed to improve health and well-being. Community developers are experts in collecting and analyzing information and using it to inform the design and delivery of new programs and services or to improve existing programs and services. The successful incumbent will be highly qualified and will be an expert in moderation, mobilization, community building and process organization. They will have expertise in one of the following priority strategic areas and knowledge and experience in other areas, including engagement, law and order development, public systems and processes, volunteer development, organizational development, training and economic development of the Community. The workplace for this position is Bloomfield Centre, 2786 Agricola Street, Halifax.This position can be considered a development opportunity. SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Collective agreements with the Minister of Labour and Training under subsection 4A (12) and Section 46 of the Nova Scotia Trade Act. Professional, technical and administrative staff at Halifax Regional Municipality Local 13 Joint Occupational Health – Safety CommitteeNSUPE 13 JOHS Committee Members October 2020Minutes JOHS Committee meeting – September 10 , 2020Minutes JOHS Committee Meeting – 13. 9 July 2020Minutes JOHS Committee meeting – 11 June 2020 Minutes J`HS Committee meeting – 14 May 2020 2020 2020 Committee meeting 2020-20 2020 February 2020Minutes JOHS committee meeting – 9 January 2020Locations 13 minutes of the JOHS commission Thank you for visiting our website.

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