Forms and guidelines, including withdrawal notices and rent increases related to private rental. If the landlord does not allow you to leave prematurely, and a new tenant you propose to allow to move in, you can eventually negotiate to pay only a portion of the rent you owe. If z.B. is still available for four months on a fixed-term contract, the landlord can only accept a rent of two months while looking for a new tenant. For example, if your landlord evicts you for rent arrears, they must now notify you at least six months in advance before they can contact the court, but for some reasons, the notice period may be shorter. To terminate a secure lease, you must follow this process: if you want to terminate your lease, you must inform your landlord in writing for four weeks. If you are married, live in a registered partnership or live with a partner, your landlord will need your consent before terminating the lease. The amount of notification you need to give your tenant depends on the reason for the evacuation used. The notice period is 6 months or 3 months and is presented below: The 28-day notice begins on January 25 and ends on February 21. At the end of the lease, you must ask the surety system to rent the repayment of the tenant`s deposit. The application must contain information on deductions and the amount of the down payment to tenants.

The rental deposit system will contact tenants to see if they agree with the amount of the deposit to be repaid. If they agree, they will receive the agreed amount within five working days. Below are separate directions for the landlord and tenant with the exit notification, the notice period for the rent increase, the tenant`s notification of an application to the first-third court and the tenant`s exit notice. The Scottish Government has more information on Section 11 communications. If a tenant wants to terminate the lease, they must first obtain permission from the other owner tenants, as this ends the lease for all. Your landlord should make sure that everyone has given their permission before agreeing to terminate the lease, even if this cannot happen in practice. If a tenant has a private rental agreement, the law requires that he and his landlord use certain forms/communications for specific purposes. These forms/communications are below as well as the corresponding instructions for tenants and landlords. If you make one of these documents available to a tenant or landlord, you should also provide them with the appropriate advice so that they understand what the document means to them and what they can do about it.