6.1 The mutually agreed objective of all parties to this Agreement is to cooperate in partnership with a view to resolving disputes using the consultation and negotiation processes described in this document and to avoid disputes until all stages of this procedure have been exhausted. 1.1 This Agreement between the University and its accredited trade unions (in summary referred to as « parties » in this document), which are listed in paragraph 2.1, applies to all employees of the University of Bath paid nationally on pay scales negotiated by the Joint Negotiation Council for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES). In addition, the University and University Union (UCU) is specifically recognized for jointly representing professors. The type of tuc agreement for academies establishes acceptable rules for trade union representative organisations. If your Academy does not want to accept the agreement as a whole, it is worth convincing the Academy to endorse the key principles of trade union recognition and organisation set out in the tuc model agreement for academies – guidelines and key principles (see resource D), supported by the school staff unions and the NAHT. Time of the financing facility The time of transfer is an ideal time to invite academies to participate in local settlement time agreements. 1.2 This agreement confirms which trade unions are recognised by the University of Bath as employers (referred to as « the university » or « we » in this document) and which bodies are granted to their representatives. It defines the formal partnership committees agreed between the accredited trade unions and the university. .

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