I already have a UTP vendor agreement – how do I get this data on IEX Cloud? No, lenders are not obligated to execute the new version of the UTP loan agreement. In accordance with Section 10.15 of the 2017 versions of the UTP lender agreement, the agreement takes effect automatically from 90 days from the date of this notification. Only Nasdaq-listed shares are only available on IEX Cloud if you are licensed directly by UTP and are also under a launch, grow or scale plan with IEX Cloud. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact UTP directly at admin@utpplan.com. If you are allowed to receive Nasdaq UTP data, Nasdaq UTP will notify IEX Cloud, which will enable access to Nasdaq UTP data via IEX Cloud. If you already have a UTP authorization agreement and want delayed UTP data on IEX Cloud: NYSE Data Cancellation of Service for Non-Real Time Data Products Authorization is required for multiple fields at the « Quote, » Intraday Prices and OHLC arrival point. Send a supplier contract. Send a data request form: online or Hard Copy. For « data provider, » select « IEX Cloud Services. » For « Account number or place of data storage with the datafeed provider. » Enter your IEX Cloud account ID.

This can be found by logging in to iEX Cloud Console, clicking on the « Support » tab and providing the « Account Number » value. Send a description of the system: Online or Hard Copy Nasdaq-listed securities can be listed and traded on any U.S. exchange. Nasdaq developed the UTP plan to describe the consolidation and distribution of data on a central resource, THE SIP. Prices and trades are defined primarily by two streams, the UTP Quotation Data Feed (UQDF) and the UTP Trade Data Feed (UTDF). Once you`re done, please contact IEX Cloud via support@iexcloud.io. Figure C – Third-party payment data streams with letter yes, redlines versions here: UTP Plan Vendor Agreement-Redline and here: UTP Plan Subscription Agreement. Figure B – Nonprofessional and Metered Use Addendum (Hard Copy) « Intraday Prices »: All fields with the prefix « market » are zero. SSE Streaming: If you don`t have UTP authorization, SSE streaming for U.S. stocks is still available – you need to change your syntax, as our API documentation here shows.

For icons only listed on the Nasdaq, if you do NOT have a UTP authorization, you will find that UTP plan participants believe that the new version of the UTP vendor contract generally offers more advantageous terms than the 2017 version, including: Access to the NYSE Data Viewer on Data Services Dashboard NYSE Pillar Request Server Session Setup Guidelines Co-location/Direct Access: 2,500 streams or Internet/Indirect Access: 500 Non-Display: 3,500 Redistribution: 1,500 00 0 screens (for 20 devices): 480 If you want to access delayed UTP data via IEX Cloud, you must forward the following documents to UTP and pay the following fee: UQDF offers distributors a direct overview of an NBBO. These streams are considered level 1 or top-of-book. Figure C for Subscriber Click-on Agreements – Electronic Yes, also in connection with the RGPD, participants of the UTP plan published a privacy policy of the UTP plan. . Maybe. As stated in Section 4.06 of the Supplier Contract, a seller is not required to execute a subscription contract if the seller assures and guarantees that he has or has an enforceable contract prior to the dissemination of information, which (i) regulates access to information and (ii) protects Nasdaq and the parties compensated to the same extent as the subscription agreement.