Such flexibility, at a lower cost, can lead to real differences in the lives of applicants. Respected lawyer Learned Hand wisely remarked that a person should « fear a prosecution that is almost anything other than illness and death. » 6 On the other hand, in an arbitration, an applicant never needs to take the time of family or work to meet with a lawyer, sit for an impeachment, or even be personally noticed in a case to obtain a recovery. Arbitration procedures often require much less information than in traditional civil discoveries would be exchanged and can decide on the basis of something as simple as a phone call. The arbitration process also provides applicants with a fair, reliable and effective means of resolving disputes. Numerous studies show that complainants obtain impartial justice in arbitration.7 If you have signed an arbitration agreement, you must be allowed to cancel the agreement within 30 days. The notion of verdrononion of conciliation agreements before demendes before Demendes with arbitration procedure after the dispute ignores the fact that the incentives of the parties in the judgment after the dispute change radically. Unlike a pre-litigation arbitration procedure, where the two parties – regardless of the position and strength of the case are relatively related to each other – agree to resolve any dispute, each party in the post-litigation context will insist either on an arbitration procedure or on a dispute, if it brings them and them the greatest benefit expected. Therefore, it is unlikely that the conflicting parties will agree on the same method of dispute resolution. That is why, in the « real world, » there is virtually no arbitration agreement after the litigation. A pre-litigation conciliation agreement is an agreement reached by the parties in a contract before problems or problems arise. The agreement requires that all disputes that the parties have are not dealt with in a judicial system, but by binding arbitration. Such contracts are very common in commercial transactions.

Insurance companies, mobile operators, car companies or other companies or companies may enter into an arbitration agreement with customers. Companies sometimes include arbitration agreements when they do business with each other. With respect to gilmer`s first outstanding issue, the courts used two different approaches to determine whether the FAA exception applies to employment contracts. The Fourth Circuit is the only circuit to have adopted a broad view of the importance of « intergovernmental trade, » so that virtually all employment contracts are excluded. Most circuits have a narrower interpretation of the concept of « intergovernmental trade. » These courts have used one of three approaches: a « movement of goods » approach, a « working class » approach, and a « transportation industry approach. » In general, the law has developed in this area according to Gilmer, so that the courts use one of these approaches and analyze each arbitration agreement to determine whether the exclusion applies. One of the main advantages of conciliation agreements before litigation and arbitration proceedings in general is that it provides consumers, workers and other claimants with an effective means of obtaining redress for a large number of claims in which civil disputes are not practical.